Gloworm Lighting Systems

We have been providing quality LED lighting systems to cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts for the past 2 years.

Gloworm light systems are crafted with simplicity, style and strength in mind. Using the latest technologies available, Gloworm lights are 100% designed in NZ with the outdoors in mind. For further information on our lights see Lighting FAQ
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Intelligent Mode Technology (IMT)

IMT defines the Gloworm ethos of versatility. IMT provides the freedom to use the Gloworm light in the default settings or to completely customize for ultimate personalization.

Lights featuring IMT are preset with 2 operating programs - one has 2 light levels (plus a flashing mode), the other has 3 light levels (plus a super dim mode). The beauty of IMT is that every light level (mode) and special mode can be customized with a click (or several) of the button.

Each light level can be infinitely adjusted between 0% and 100% brightness while the special mode can be set at either FLASH, SUPER DIM, or BEACON.


Gloworm uses only the best LED emitters available - CREE. Cree first brought the blue LED to the market in 1989, and today Cree's XLamp LEDs have continually exceeded industry standards for brightness and efficiency.

Collimated Lens and Beams

Gloworm Lights use Collimated Lens Technology. These high-tech resin lenses are specifically designed to optimize light collection from each LED. A great deal of time is invested in research to ensure the optimal beam and output is achieved. The result is a smooth be am pattern with no sharp cutoff.

Small and Robust

Gloworm LED light systems are shock proof and highly water resistant and powered by a modern lithium-ion battery. However maybe the best attribute is their size. Gloworm light systems boast one of the best size/lumen/weight/price ratios available - in the world!

Gloworm Manufacturing

Gloworm lights are manufactured in Asia after being designed in New Zealand. Gloworm Manufacturing (based in Asia) sources the best possible components, these are then assembled under strict conditions to ensure your light is of the best quality available.

Design and Functionality

Gloworm designers have brought together cycling experience with expert knowledge of electronics and industrial design. The result is a light that not only looks good but functions to provide the user with a perfect beam and size that won't require an extra bag to carry.
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